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The Alkaline Diet – to alkalise or not to alkalise?

VegI’ve recently been asked my opinion on the Alkalising diet. This won’t take long…

Proponents of this diet suggest that it is possible to influence the ph level of our blood through the foods we eat. Further more, they believe that acidic blood causes disease and alkalised blood cures it. It’s also suggested that an “acidified” body will not permit weight loss.

Every premise is incorrect. It is impossible for a healthy person with functioning kidneys to influence the ph level of their blood through food. The ph of our urine may be affected by what we eat, but not our blood. Blood is kept constant at a value of 7.4 and is done so mainly through the kidneys, not the bones as many claim. Even a small deviation from the value of 7.4 can be catastrophic so the body regulates this process very tightly.

As for curing diseases such as cancer (yes, this has been claimed!), again it’s just not true. Claims are made that cancer grows in an acid environment so if the blood is alkalised (which we know can’t happen) you can kill off or prevent cancer cells from growing. While its true that cancer cells can grow in an acidic environment, they can also grow in an alkalised environment. Enough said…

Now to the weight loss premise. The alkalising diet is not a bad way to eat, in fact many people would obtain great health benefits from switching to this kind of diet. Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, little or no processed food, lots of water – what’s not to love about eating this way. Nothing! I don’t have a problem with the diet itself, I do however have a problem with the suggestion that an acidified body¬† will prevent weight loss.

Weight loss requires calorie deficit. Period. Achieve calorie deficit and you lose weight. What’s the best way to achieve such a deficit?¬† Now that’s where it gets interesting and it’s to complicated for this blog, perhaps I’ll do another on this topic. Achieving calorie deficit is not as straight forward as just eating less and moving more, in fact I often tell clients to eat more and move less – and they shed body fat.

So go ahead and eat an alkalising diet, it’s great for your health, but it won’t change the ph level of your blood.